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Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cashier Order
Pack. & Delivery:Packing 1Kg & Bags @25Kg

Original potato flour " Mass Potato Cake " for various cakes

Sepesifikasi product:
Pure potato starch imports
Really made quintessence potatoes
Packaging 500gr and 1000gr


Packaging 1000gr = Rp. 32, 000 *
* Prices do not include shipping.

Purchases above 5kg. price per Kg Rp.31.000
Purchases above 10kg. price per Kg Rp. 32, 000
Purchases above 20kg. price per Kg.Rp.31.000
Purchases above 50kg. price per Kg.Rp.28.000 + SEND FREE COST * *
* * Free postage only for the 40km radius of the circle of Tugu Monas ( Jakarta Pusat) as a standard central Jakarta.

This flour is suitable for a variety of cakes and food, potato flour " Mass Potato Cake " using potatoes with no.1 quality, in sleksi and pembuatanya using a strict Quality Control in the selection of potatoes and in the production process.

Potato Flour Advantages:
1. There' s no need to peel potatoes
2. No need to bother smoothing potatoes
3. There' s no need to boil / mengkukus / fried potatoes
4. Very practical
5. Save time
6. Save energy
7. How to use a very easy to live combine water, then immediately going into potato mixture.
8. Material 100% potato imports.

9. Using potato flour " Mass Potato Cake " you have increased your profit margin.

This potato flour can also be used as an alternative local potato dough mixing in order not mushy or too soft.
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SMS / Phone directly to: 0858 11949 778 ( kiki)

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Kiki M Iqbal [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: ud_sukses@yahoo.com Y!: ud_sukses
Windows Live: kikimiqbal@live.com kikimiqbal@live.com
Google Talk:  kiki.m.iqbalwordpress@gmail.com  kiki.m.iqbalwordpress@gmail.com
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Kiki M Iqbal at Tangerang
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Kiki M Iqbal at Tangerang
Address:Dasana Indah Blok Si 19 no 12,
Tangerang 15810, Banten
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